Paid Social Media Advertising

Find new customers with highly targeted ads on all social media platforms.

Amplify your messages with social media...

Social media marketing provides you with an opportunity to broadcast your messages to the right audience at the right time.

Sadly, the days of putting a post out on all of your social media channels and sitting back to see the traffic come in are gone. Due to the amount of competition and algorithm updates, it's pushed businesses down the road of paid advertising to see any traction.

I'll work with you to define the best channel to reach your target market and create highly engaging Ads to drive new sales or develop new leads to your business.

In need of getting a member of your team up to speed on social media paid advertising platforms? Take a look at this introductory course covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

What you can expect

Highly targeted campaigns
Lead generation campaigns
Online sales campaigns
Image and content A/B Testing
Tracking integrated with your website
Campaign reporting & analysis

Covering the most popular social media platforms

Facebook Ads

The Facebook platform provides the largest bank for creative ad formats to create engaging campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads

A highly effective platform for b2b businesses looking to develop new leads on products or services.

Twitter Ads

Still one of the most popular social media platforms out there with the ability to create highly targeted campaigns.

Instagram Ads

Slightly newer on the scene but don't under estimate the platform to sell your products with stand out Ads.

Let's take your social media up a notch!

I'm currently taking on new projects, so get in touch to discuss how we can use the power of social media to drive new sales or develop more leads.
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